Warehousing & Distribution

PTN Distribution has been providing businesses around the globe with professional international fulfilment and distribution services for over 30 years now. The challenges of beverages industries have been successfully tackled and looked after by the PTN management since the start of operations. PTN today, holds the exclusivity of more than 40 companies for its distribution through Pakistan and beyond with more than 6 countries across Middle East and Africa.

PTN provides a bespoke range of distribution services with a supply chain network covering more than 50,000 shops across Pakistan. Our distribution services comprise:


1) Global fulfillment and distribution
2) Facilities of multilingual customer care and advisors
3) Standardized order and renewals processing
4) Billing and account collection
5) Comprehensive warehouse services with global distribution for various kinds of products
6) Online ordering – you can post your distribution enquiry online and we will make sure our customer care handles it completely.
7) Extensive reporting with data manipulation for analysis and customer management


PTN distribution team can accommodate various business models and pricing policies, enabling providers to retain control of their products; develop collections; set multiple pricing options; use a variety of routes to market; and manage their customers successfully.

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